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Thanks Donors


Thank you to the following AHS Regions and Daylily Clubs:

AHS Region 10

Austin Daylily Society

Brazosport DL Society

CENLA Daylily Society

Central Alabama Daylily Society

Central Georgia Daylily Club

Central Florida Daylily Society

Central Missouri Hemerocallis Society

Central Missouri Hemerocallis Society

Central Oklahoma Hemerocallis Society

Cobb County Daylily Society

Connecticut Daylily Society

Daylily Society of Minnesota

Dublin Hemerocallis Society

Flint Hills Daylily Society

Greater St. Louis Daylily Society

Mississippi Gulf Coast Daylily Society

Piedmont Daylily Club

Pittsburgh Iris & Daylily Society

Pittsburgh Iris & Daylily Society

Puget Sound Daylily Club

Savannah Hemerocallis Society

South Georgia Hemerocallis Society

Willamette Valley Daylily Club

Thank you to the following Private donors:

Olin Frazier

Betty Roberts

Melodye Campbell

Elizabeth & Greg Trotter

Duane Cookson

Timothy Greiter

Elizabeth & Chester McDonald

Lezlie Simmons

Sammy Strickland

Leila Turner

Pat & Steve Mercer

Martha Chamberlain

Cecille & Karl Rice

Peter McIntyre

John Ware

Elizabeth & William Herbein

Shirley Toney

Diane & Jack Joiner

Martha Seaman

Helen & Richard Porter

Nancy & Don Smith

Florence DeShano

Vicky Aughenbaugh

Curtis Crandall

Judy Skaggs

Gene Dewey

Bill Hurt & Marshall Morrow

Marvin Rodgers

Grace King

Dawn Tubbesing

Cynthia Stilphen

Judy & Glenn Rock

Debby & Bob Overstreet

Kathleen Pinkas

Patricia Loveland

Patricia Sturdevant

Donald Humphries

Staging Accredited Daylily Shows
 Staging AHS Accredited Daylily Shows

The American Hemerocallis Society mission statement includes the desire to provide the general public with education and exposure to the daylily.  To help with this mission, members and local daylily groups choose to host a daylily exhibition show and are proud to have their daylilies on display for the public’s viewing pleasure. An AHS Accredited Show may be given by a local group when they meet the requirements outlined in Chapter 5 of the AHS Exhibitions Handbook.

AHS Exhibitions Handbook 

The AHS Exhibitions Handbook is the complete guide for conducting and judging Daylily Shows. It is the primary document for all AHS Judges and for those hosting Daylily Shows. It is also the basis for all judges training and materials for instructors. Below are links to PDF copies of this document for printing and for computer viewing. Links to PowerPoint & Video presentations that overview the changes made to the AHS Exhibitions Handbook are also located below. You can purchase a hard copy of this document in the AHS Portal Store.

2017 AHS Exhibitions Handbook (PDF for print)

2017 AHS Exhibitions Handbook (PDF for computer viewing)

Overview of the 2017 AHS Exhibitions Handbook (PowerPoint)

Overview of the 2017 Exhibitions Handbook (Video)


Supporting documentation for staging a Daylily Exhibition and entering flowers into the show.

 Exhibition Shows for Enthusiats 

Preparing To Exhibit Daylilies

Transporting Daylilies for Exhibitions

Grooming Clinic (Video)

2017 Scheduled AHS Accredited Shows

How To Get AHS Shows Accredited

At least eight to ten weeks before the show date, the Application for AHS Show Accreditation forms must be requested from the AHS Exhibitions’ Chair or downloaded from the links below. These give the name of the Show Chair, the date, the time, and the place of the show. The Application for AHS Show Accreditation is to be completed and returned to the AHS Exhibitions’ Chair at least six weeks prior to the show date. A tentative schedule must also be sent at this time.

A final show report must be sent to the AHS Exhibitions’ Chair within two weeks after the show. A show is NOT fully accredited until the Final Report and all required judges’ ballots, tabulations, and forms have been received and until tabulations have been verified by the AHS Exhibitions’ Chair or the Exhibitions Committee.

All documents that a potential show chair will need in order to apply for AHS show accreditation is shown below. All forms are provided as .pdf (Personal Document Format) files and will require Adobe® Acrobat Reader™ for viewing and printing. Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded FREE from the Adobe Web site. You may also install the Acrobat Reader .pdf web browser plug in to view and print these files from within your web browser.

AHS Letter To Show Chairs (updated 3/22/2017)
The Sample Show Schedule in MS-Word.doc format (updated 2/17/2017) 
AHS 2-D Logo Sheet (updated 2/17/2017) 
AHS Final Show Report (updated 2/17/2017)
For printed copies of the above documents, electronic Microsoft® Word™ documents, additional questions, or additional information, please contact:


      Barbara Kirby
      102 Haag Drive
      Warner Robins, GA 31093
      478-922-8416 (home) or

List of Registered Spiders, List of Registered Polymerous, List of Registered Unusual Forms, List of Zero-size Registered Cultivars and the List of Registered Doubles for Exhibit in AHS Exhibitions can now be found directly through the AHS Registrations database under Flower Show Lists --- Link HERE.



This is a computer program developed by Dr. Robert O. Stanton, Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science at St. John's University, and an AHS Senior Exhibition Judge. It may to be used to tabulate and determine the Best in Show at AHS accredited shows. The program is intended to eliminate the tedious, time consuming and error prone process of doing this tabulation by hand. If judges' scores are entered into the program as they are received, the Best in Show should be determined within seconds of the entry of the final set of scores. A new version (Version 3A) has replaced the older version to correct some errors when there was a tie.

The program has been tested extensively and thoroughly for accuracy. The print out of the tabulation report from this program will be accepted by the AHS Show Chairman as a part of the official report.

The program is developed for computers using Microsoft Windows software. It will work "as is" on many computers with this operating system. However, some versions of Windows may require additional files for the program to work. If one gets a message indicating that a required file is missing, visit the Microsoft site: Click on Downloads and Updates, then Microsoft Download Center. In the Product/Technology box, find Visual Basic and click Go. Click on the Visual Basic Service Pack 5. In the next window, click Download and follow the instructions. Once the service pack is installed, the AHS Best in Show software should work. Feel free to contact Dr. Stanton if you have any questions. Note that it is essential to check the program beforehand and not wait until the day of the show.


Download the Tabulations Program

When you click on the above line you computer may say that it is unsafe to download this program. (It is safe) Go ahead and download. When the software is downloaded, select the Save to file option. To run the software after it is on your computer, hit the start button and select Run. Click Browse to locate the program on your computer. Once its name, AHSBestInShowVersion3A.exe is in the Open box, click OK to run the program. For additional help, Contact Dr. Stanton.


The American Hemerocallis Society, Inc. (AHS) is a non-profit organization. The AHS is organized exclusively for educational and scientific purposes, and especially to promote, encourage, and foster the development and improvement of the genus Hemerocallis and public interest therein. These purposes are expressly limited so that AHS qualifies as an exempt organization under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 or the corresponding provision of any future U.S. Internal Revenue Law.