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Thank you to the following AHS Members, Regions and Daylily Clubs:

AHS Region 12

Alan Monnin

Amanda Christensen

Arielle Lucius

Barbara & Bob Buikema

Barbara & Earl Watts

Barbara & Sam Drosopoulos

Barry Stoll

Becky Robinson

Beverly Winkelman

Bill Walker

Birmingham Area Hemerocallis Soc

Blue Grass Hem. Society

Bob Langabee

Brian Derrah

Bruce Wickmann

Carol & Gregg Savard

Carol Spurrier

Cedar Valley Iris & Daylily Soceity

CENLA Daylily Society

Central Florida Daylily Society

Central Missouri Hemerocallis Society

Charlene Collin

Charles and Heidi Douglas

Charlie Harper

Cheryl Ford

Cheryl Otto

Chris Petersen

Chris Schardein

Claude Carpenter

Claudia Conway

Clint Barnes

Cynthia & Jack Rigsby

Cynthia Cory

Cynthia Vandeveer

Cynthia Wadsworth

Dale Luchsinger

Daralee Newkirk

Dawn Tubbesing

Dean Reusser

Debbie Beaulieu

Debbie Monbeck

Debbie Scheckel

Debbie Smith

Diana & Bill Waldrop

Diane & Bruce Wickmann

Don Herr

Donna Steele

Dora & Earl Lawson

Doris Winton

Eddie Raye Andrews

Elizabeth Dermody

Elizabeth Trotter

Ellen Weisseg

Eric Schmidt

Eric Simpson

Frances Zeig

Francine Labelle

Garry Fanthorpe

Gary Ball

Gary Stickel

Gary Wnek

Gene Moglia

Gregg Connell

Harry Rissetto

Hattiesburg Area Daylily Society

Heidi & Charles Douglas

Helen & Richard Porter

Hilda & Floyd Sewell

Jacob Braun

Janet Haag

Janice Kennedy

Janie Seglund

Jannette Hendricks

Jason Fleishman

Jen Reed

Jill Hynum

Jim Cruise

Joann Stewart

John Ware

Johnson County Iris & DL Society

Justin McLeod

Kathleen Schloeder

Kathy D'Alessandro

Kathy Fowler

Kathy Macartney

Kathy Pinkas

Katy Coppock

Ken Cobb

Kevin Tyler

Kyle Billadeau

Kyle Curington

Laura Teague

Laurie Hurt

Linda Gates

Linda Luck

Linda Sue Barnes

Lisa Blocker

Lisa Schmidt

Lloyd Ravet

Lois Hart

Long Island Daylily Society

Lorene Crone

Lori Doolin

Lori Hankinson

Louise Walton

Luanne Madden

Lynette & Dale Westmoreland

Marcia Zech

Margaret & Billy Coker

Margo Reed/Jim Murphy

Marlene & Carl Harmon

Marshall Morrow

Mary Ray

Mary Vertz

Maryann Dubree

Maureen Strong

Melodye Campbell

Melvin Winkelman

Mike Grossmann

Mike Peppers

Mississippi Gulf Coast DL Society

Mitchell Hagler

Monique Warnke

Nancy & David Freshour

Nancy Harvey

Nancy Rash/Lyle Moen

North Georgia Daylily Society

Opal Howell

Paige Pake

Pam Milliken

Pamela Anderson

Pat Soileau

Pat Titus

Patricia & John Hough

Patricia Loveland

Peter McIntyre

Phil Bormann

Prairieland Daylily Society

Ralf Lange

Raymond Quinn

Rebecca Hinshaw

Rebecca Stickel

Rhonda Veroeven

Rich Howard

Rikki & Rich Sterrett

Robin Hamilton

Russ Allen

Ruth Morrison

Sandra Shull

Sandy Veurink

Saundra Dunn

Savannah Hemerocallis Society

Scott Elliott

Serena & Steven Verner

Southern Virginia Daylily Club

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Steve Horan

Subhana Ansari

Sue & Bruce Christoffersen

Sue Calbreath

Sue Hill

Summer Marks

Susan Moore

Susan Okrasinski

Tim Fehr

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Wanda & Raymond Quinn

Wells Mote

Western Reserve Daylily Society

Wichita Daylily Club

Wilma Brouwer-Herwig

2014 Popularity Poll Results

What Daylily is Popular in Your Area?

As a service to its members and to the general public, each year the American Hemerocallis Society (AHS) conducts a popularity poll among its members to determine the favorite daylilies from each region. (Click here to see what AHS Region you live in.) It is the hope of the AHS that this Popularity Poll presents a true picture of which daylilies perform well in a given area and which are best liked by the membership. Popularity polls are important to daylily growers -- both AHS members and nonmembers -- who make daylily selections for purchase.

Cumulative David Hall Memorial Award Winners

The David Hall Memorial Medal/Certificate is awarded annually on a regional basis to the hybridizer of the most popular cultivar as determined by vote of the region's members in the Popularity Poll. (Click here for a history of David Hall and the Poll)

(Formats vary each year depending on tabulators and how the results were sent to the webmaster.)

Most Popular Daylilies for 2014


'White Eyes Pink Dragon' 2014 Pop Poll Winner for Region 1

Photo by Julie Covington

        2014 Region 1 Results


1. 'White Eyes Pink Dragon'       

2. 'Bela Lugosi'                 

4. (tie)  'Carnival In Mexico'

4. (tie) 'Fear Not'

4. (tie) 'Scarlet Pimpernel'

 Full results for Region 1



'Primal Scream' ' 2014 Pop Poll winner for Region 2

Photo by Julie Covington

2014 Region 2 Results


1. 'Primal Scream'                     

2. 'Webster's Pink Wonder'                             

3. 'Ruby Spider'                 

4.( tie) 'All American Chief'   

4. (tie) 'Heavenly Angel Ice'                     

Full results for Region 2


'Margo Reed Indeed' - 2014 Pop Poll winner for Region 3

Photo by Julie Covington

2014 Region 3 Results


1. 'Margo Reed Indeed'     

2. 'Dorothy and Toto'            

3. 'Screamcicle'          

4. 'Magic of Oz'                         

5. 'Heavenly Angel Ice'            

Full results for Region 3


'Sun Panda' and 'Webster's ' Pink Wonder' ' 2014 Pop Poll winners for Region 4

                             Photo by Bryan Culver         Photo by Julie Covington

2014 Region 4 Results


1. (tie) 'Sun Panda'                


                     3. 'Mabou'            

4. 'Primal Scream'                    

5. 'Rose F. Kennedy'                       

Full results for Region 4

 'Dorothy and Toto' 2014 Pop Poll winner for Region 5

Photo by Julie Covington

2014 Region 5 Results


1.'Dorothy and Toto'                 

2. 'Sebastian the Crab'  

3.  'Everybody Loves Earnest'

4.  'Orange Velvet'

5.  'Amanda's Little Red Shoes'

Full results for Region 5


'Little Orange Tex' 2014 Pop Poll winner for Region 6
Photo  by Rich Rosen
2014 Region 6 Results
1. 'Little Orange Tex'                                    
2. 'How Beautiful Heaven Must Be'                             
3. 'Red Volunteer' 
4. 'Witches Wink'
5. 'Beautiful Edgings'

Full Results for Region 6


'Aslan' 2014 Pop Poll winner for Region 7

Photo  by Jeff Corbett

 2014 Region 7 Results

1. (tie) 'Aslan'

1(tie)'Dancing Chevrons'       

1.(tie) 'Spider Man'            

2. (tie)'Julie Newmar'

2 .(tie)  'Kwanza Gold'  

2.(tie)'Spacecoast Irish Illumination'

Full results for Region 7



'Primal Scream'  and 'Red Volunteer' 2014 Pop Poll winners  for Region 8

Photo by Julie Covington              Photo by Susan Okrasinski

2014 Region 8 Results


1.(tie) 'Primal Scream'                            

1.(tie)  'Red Volunteer'                               

2, (tie)  'Fooled Me'                       

2.(tie) 'Rock Solid'                     

3.  (tie)'El Desperado'

3. (tie) 'God Save the Queen'

Full results for Region 8




'El Desperado' and 'Wonder of It All' ' 2014 Pop Poll winners for Region 9

Photos by Julie Covington

2014 Region 9 Results


1. (tie) 'El Desperado' 

1. (tie) 'Wonder of it All'

2. (tie) 'Bark at Me'

2. (tie)'Nathan Sommers'

2. (tie)  'All American Chief'          

 Full results for Region 9


'Primal Scream' 2014 Pop Poll winner for Region 10

Photo by Julie Covington

2014 Region 10 Results


1. 'Primal Scream'

2.'Webster's Pink Wonder'

3.  'Stolen Treasure'

4.  'Peggy Jeffcoat'

5. (tie) 'Autumn Wood'

5. (tie) 'Beautiful Edgings'

 Full results for Region 10

'Kansas Kitten' and  'Primal Scream'  2014 Pop Poll winners for Region 11

Photos by Julie Covington

2014 Region 11 Results



1. (tie) 'Kansas Kitten'

1. (tie) 'Primal Scream'

3.'A Green Desire'

4. Webster's Pink Wonder'

5.  'Carnival In Mexico' 

Full results for Region 11

 'Dorothy and Toto'' 2014 Pop Poll winner for Region 12
Photo by Julie Covington

2014 Region 12 Results


1.  'Dorothy and Toto'                    

2. 'Mark's Bouquet'

 3. 'Maryzell'

4.  'Spacecoast Sea Shells'

5.'King Kahuna'

Full results for Region 12

 'King Kahuna' 2013 Pop Poll winner for Region 13

Photo by Julie Covington

2014 Region 13 Results


1. 'King Kahuna'

2. 'Peacock Maiden'

3. 'Fancy  Face'

4-5.'Christine Tuminello LaGrand',                'Crazy Ivan' and 'Ellis Powell' (Tie)

Full results for Region 13


 'Suburban Nancy Gayle' 2013 Pop Poll winner for Region 14

Photo by Julie Covington

2014 Region 14 Results


1. 'Suburban Nancy Gayle'

2. 'Double Blue Blood'

3. 'Look Here Mary'

4. 'Suburban Golden Eagle'

5. 'Coffee to Go'

Full results for Region 14

'All American Chief' 2014 Pop Poll winner for Region 15

Photo by Julie Covington

2014 Region 15 Results


1. 'All American Chief'

2.  'Carnival in Mexico'              

3. 'Primal Scream'

4-5. 'Thelma Douglas' and 'Webster's Pink Wonder' (tie)

Full results for Region 15


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