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Thanks Donors


Thank you to the following AHS Members, Regions and Daylily Clubs:

Baton Rouge Daylily Society

Bay Area Daylily Buds

Central Alabama Daylily Society

Central Florida Daylily Society

Cobb County Daylily Society

Daylily Growers of Dallas

Daylily Soc. Of Greater Atlanta

Daylily Soc. of Southern Indiana

Flint Hills Daylily Society

Hemerocallis Study Club

Houston Area Daylily Society

Houston Area Daylily Society

Long Island Daylily Society

National Capital Daylily Club

Nebraska Daylily Society

North Texas Daylily Society

Pod Setters Facebook Group

Southern Michigan DL Soc.

Tallahassee Daylily Society

Tidewater Daylily Society

Valdosta Hemerocallis Society

Janie Seglund

Fern, Wayne & Jennifer Johnson

Fasteners Plus International

Martha Chamberlain

Harold McDonell

Kyle Billadeau

Ann & Bill Monroe

Barbara Kirby

Morris Kirby

Judie Branson

Gisela & Bob Meckstroth

Cynthia & Charles Lucius

Tim Herrington

Harold McDonell

Jillian McKenzie

Martha Chamberlain

Elizabeth Trotter

Marcia Zech

Melodye Campbell

Carol Spurrier

Cheryl Ford

Judith Deene

Linda Dunning

Ruth Woodford

Susan Okrasinski

Harry Rissetto

Beth Zimpelman/Nix Bodden

Karen Ciula

Kathleen Schloeder

Catherine Pexton

Ralf Lange

Morris Knutsen

Judith Carlson

Barbara & Bob Papenhausen

Barbara Chang

Judie Branson

Scott Elliott

Nancy Frahm/Larry Lowe

Maureen Strong

Barbara Jo Twedt

Sandra & Ronald Branam

Nancy & David Freshour

Nikki Schmith

Site Glossary



Blog – (from the term Web Log). An online "journal”, usually by a single author, in which each posting generally is about a single topic. Readers are then able to comment, and the author may respond. Some blogs are set up so that more than one person can author the content. Blogs differ from Forums. A blog is more like a speaker in front of a group, with Q&A to follow. A forum is like a circle of friends with a moderator. Blogs can also serve as an immediate announcement

Calendar - The Portal offers a Community Calendar and a set of Regional Calendars. The Community Calendar is for activities with multi-region appeal. It also contains Award deadlines. The Regional Calendar picks up the items from the Community Calendar and adds items pertaining only to the Region.

Chat – The key ingredient is "real time” communication. It differs from email and from a Forum in that feature. You type a Chat comment to a friend who you notice is online and they see your comment right away. Then you see their response right away. Your conversation scrolls along as you chat. Another difference between chat and email is that chat isn’t saved or archived. "What happens in chat stays in chat” is one way of looking at it.

Forum - A discussion open to comments from any member. A Forum on Garden Features may address any number of topics pertaining to that subject. Where there are clear ways to group multiple Forums, they are collected into categories for easy viewing of what’s available. New forums can be created as members need them. There are ground rules regarding respect and civility.

Message - a form of communication like email, between you and another member, or several other members. You have a record of sent messages.


Connections - a term for your circle of friends, family, associates within the larger AHS membership. Similar to "Friends” on Facebook. This concept helps you avoid social overload and focus your ability to communicate with people who you interact with frequently. Your starting point in the Portal is "no connections at all.” Manage your connections by assigning them to categories, link quickly to their profiles by clicking on them or remove them from your list by deleting them. You can send messages to individuals, categories, or all your connections at once.

Favorites - Links to frequently accessed pages and personal connections that are readily available in Favorites under My Profile.  Favorites can be added to your list by clicking the gray "star" icon at the top of most pages and profiles.

Feeds - sorry we have to use this term. It’s not about food. See Subscriptions. Same thing.

Group - any number of members with a shared interest on the site. When you sign up for the portal, you are automatically registered as a member of group that corresponds to your AHS Region. You may also freely read what goes on in any other group, but you may only comment on Forums and Blogs within the group to which you belong. You may also become a member of other closed groups, such as the one for Garden Judges if you are a Garden Judge.

National and International Benefits: by registering in the Membership Portal, you become automatically eligible to participate in Forums and Blogs and other experiences that transcend Regional or Personal interests. You may take advantage of these without ever participating in a Group. How much you participate is up to you.

Personal Site - an area of the membership portal that is within your sole control and is specific to you.

Personal Web Pages - you may create up to 10 additional "custom pages” on your site, and they will be visible to Members in the Portal. They will not be findable in a Google search, however. You will find a way to create custom pages within Profile Management.

Profile - what you decide to reveal about yourself to others within the Membership Portal. This part of the Membership Portal is of purely personal relevance. You may add information about your education and background or leave it out. You may add your birthday, anniversary, spouse’s name, or make that information invisible to others. You may add a picture of yourself or just use a picture of an object. You can manage your subscriptions to communication on the Portal and also determine what you’ll be notified about.

Photo Gallery and Albums - you may post an unlimited number of personal photos in your personal site and you may group them into Albums in any way that works for you. Other Members in the Portal will be able to see your photos. If you have pictures of Regional or National interest, you may post those in areas that all members can see. Note that the pictures are shown by the date you posted them and cannot be re-arranged numerically or alphabetically.

Photo:  Caption - Identifying text that is typed BEFORE uploading a photo.  If the image is a daylily, the name would be an appropriate caption.

Photo: Comments - Any member may add a comment about a photo.  If you would like a comment removed, please contact the Group Leader.

Photo:  Tags - Words or phrases attached to a photo to help identify it during a search.  The photo search function will only identify photos with tags.  You may enter multiple tags separated by commas.  For example, "Oscie Whatley, Pink Fanfare, Region 11 hybridizer, tetraploid, pink".  All these would be appropriate tags for the cultivar, Pink Fanfare.

PowerPoint Shows and Videos - you may also upload your PowerPoint shows and digital movies to your personal site. Your Personal Site has a "Files and Links” area where you can either upload a file (a document or a PowerPoint file) or a link to a favorite web site, such as another blog or an external photo album.

Subscriptions - you have an option to subscribe to posts of particular blogs and forums of interest to you, or to notifications of the slightest motion within your circle of friends. "Gail has added a new connection to Art” is the kind of notification you might like to disable. Experiment with this in your Profile settings (under preferences) to find your comfort level.

Wall - a term borrowed from Facebook, meaning a place on your personal site where your own comments and the comments of your connections are displayed. You’ll also see short notices when a friend posts a photo. Your Wall will never be an orderly place. It’s more like a moving picture of human energy in your circle of friends. If you don’t want to see your wall, or let anyone else see it, you can go to preferences and turn it off. You can turn it back on any time to see what you’ve missed. You can also delete anything on it.


File - Any document, image, movie, or piece of music stored in digital format on a computer.  Photos uploaded to the site may be no larger than 250KB.

Folder - a digital storage place for files, following the idea of a filing cabinet.

Link (also Hyperlink) - A word or group of words, or a digital image, that you can click on to either open a file or move to another location in a web site. You are able to create links in any custom pages you create.

URL - shorthand for "universal resource locator,” meaning the web address of something. The URL of the AHS web site is

The American Hemerocallis Society, Inc. (AHS) is a non-profit organization. The AHS is organized exclusively for educational and scientific purposes, and especially to promote, encourage, and foster the development and improvement of the genus Hemerocallis and public interest therein. These purposes are expressly limited so that AHS qualifies as an exempt organization under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 or the corresponding provision of any future U.S. Internal Revenue Law.